Speaker and event schedule for the July 4 tea party at noon in Niagara Square, across from Buffalo City Hall are almost ready and will be coming soon. Watch this space or write to me at ilkitty@roadrunner.com . Thanks.



Rides to the March on Albany

(This information was originally posted on ReformNYS. To become a member of ReformNYS, or to get more information on rides to Albany and/or all other events, please write to Allen Coniglio at ilkitty@roadrunner.com)

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Subject: March on Albany rides

There are numerous people willing to take riders with them to the March on Albany on June 16th. Some people are going out the day before so they will be able to get to the event early and without problems. Please feel free to use this list (ReformNYS) to post if you are offering a ride or seeking a ride. Please, as some people may be too shy to mention this, anyone who accepts a ride from another should be prepared to pay a FAIR share of the expense for the trip to include gasoline, Thruway tolls, and/or whatever else. Remember, the person driving is wearing out his/her car and we should all be as considerate as we can be. Let’s begin a ride board right here at this time so that we can all find a way to what should be a great event.

I have just spoken to the Albany organizers on the phone and have gotten an update or two. As soon as everything is firmed up, I will post it on ReformNYS.


March on Albany updated info

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We might wind up taking cars with whatever number of riders we can fit in each one. Right now, we have about 12 or 13 definites and 6 or more “maybe’s” with more writing in all the time. I just heard from the coordinators and I will relay the salient points of their message below. Please note that I have removed all bus information as we are not likely to be using buses to make the trip. For any of the people receiving this who are not members of ReformNYS, I would urge you to join ReformNYS so that you can stay in touch with up to date information on this and all other upcoming events. To join, write to Allen at ilkitty@roadrunner.com .

March on Albany – Rally Logistics Information

The following information is provided to help with the planning and management of the June 16, 2009 March on Albany rally.

Rally Location & Setup

The rally will take place at the East Capitol Park. It is located on the east side of the Capitol building. Setup will start at 8:00 AM. See Figure1: Rally Setup Map. Locations of the Podium, Tables, Command Post, Press Area, and Porta-Johns are noted on the map. The Rally will start at Noon and continue to 3:00 PM. Cleanup will start at 3:00 PM and be completed by 4:00 PM.

Directions & Parking

Driving Directions http://assembly.state.ny.us/directions/

From the North: Take Interstate 87 (Northway) to Interstate 90 (East) exit, proceed east to Interstate 787 and take Empire Plaza exit.

From the South: Take New York State Thruway (Interstate 87) to Exit 23 – straight through Toll Booth to Interstate 787, then take Empire Plaza exit.

From the East: Take Interstate 90 and cross Hudson River. Take exit to Interstate 787 South, along river. Take Empire Plaza exit.

From the West: Take the New York State Thruway (Interstate 90) to Exit 24 (Albany), proceed east on Interstate 90 to Interstate 787 South, along river. Take Empire Plaza Exit.


These directions from MapQuest may be better for those driving from Buffalo:


Buffalo, NY

1. Head west on Niagara Square toward Delaware Ave/NY-384 0.1 mi
2. Turn right at Delaware Ave/NY-384 0.2 mi
3. Turn right at Church St/NY-16
Continue to follow Church St 0.2 mi
4. Take the ramp to I-190 S 128 ft
5. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-190 and merge onto I-190 S 5.1 mi
6. Take exit 1 – 52 to merge onto I-90 E toward Albany/Buffalo
Partial toll road 283 mi
7. Take exit 6 to merge onto US-9 1.1 mi
8. Turn left at Clinton Ave/US-9 0.1 mi
9. Turn right at Lark St/NY-443/US-9W 0.3 mi
10. Turn left at NY-5/Washington Ave
Destination will be on the right 0.4 mi

Daily News Capitol Building
State Capitol Bldg
Albany, NY 12223

(I would not count on finding a place to park as there will likely be thousands of people there. I would try to park away from the city center on a main route or in a plaza or wherever you won’t get a ticket and/or towed and ride the bus to the event. Again, AAA could probably help you. Order your trip tickets now.)


Command Post

Volunteers will be available near the podium at a “Command Post,” (see Figure 1), at all times for any issues/emergencies that may arise.

Press Area

We will make a volunteer or volunteers available to the Press nearby for any questions.


No wooden, metal, or PVC sticks are to be used for signs or flags. (Exception is made for flags for a Color Guard.) Signs using cardboard tubing/”sticks” are allowed. The State Police will confiscate anything that they deem could be used as weapons. Please leave your pitchforks and torches at home. Of course, no firearms or other weapons will be allowed.

Event Costs

Insurance: $300.00

EMS Coverage: TBD

Individual Bus Costs: $65 per bus, to be paid to Albany PD following the event.

Porta-Johns: TBD

Sound System: TBD


Me again: Please be prepared to contribute a few dollars – $10, $20. or more to the event organizers as they are paying for all of this out of their own pockets. I would guess that they are going to be requesting donations at some point during the event. Ellie said that Albany is about 5 hours driving time so that means that you will have to be on the road by no later than 6AM as there may be delays and you will have to find parking, etc.. Bring some food and drink with you so you won’t have to stop. You might want to go the day before and eithere do a tour of the capital or find a campground in the area where you can sleep in your tent. Motesl, hotels, and campgrounds can be found by contacting AAA or by googling “Albany NY campgrounds” and you will get dozens of hits. One good page is


Again, AAA would have the best info.

Please write to me on ReformNYS or privately at ilkitty@roadrunner.com and let me know if you are driving and how many people you can take. We need to have this all coordinated as soon as possible. Contact me for questions, info, etc., but also pleae try to help yourselves as much as possible. Thanks.


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Subject: ReformNYS: Re: March on Albany bus charter news

I agree with Ellie. We can also use my car if needed


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Allen…I honestly think it would be cheaper to take cars. I’ll volunteer mine.

coniglio wrote:
> So far, the only information I have on the bus to Albany for June 16 is that there is a 27 passenger charter available for $1100 plus tips which means that if we fill the bus, we can make the trip for less than $50 each. I will keep you posted. So far, we have about 12 people who would like to make the trip. Until we get enough response to really start to plan this, I cannot be very specific as to anything. If anyone is planning to go, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.
> Allen
> >

March on Albany June 16

You may read this and other posts from ReformNYS here http://groups.google.com/group/ReformNYS/browse_thread/thread/3fa8a0d57a6aa20c?hl=en# or by signing up to be a member. For info, contact Allen Coniglio at ilkitty@roadrunner.com .
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Subject: ReformNYS: March on Albany

We are hoping to put together a contingent to attend the March on Albany on June 16, from noon to 3PM. http://marchonalbany.com/ We are hoping to charter a bus and if we do so, we will need as many people as possible to sign up as soon as possible as time is now very short. If anyone is interested, please let me know right away by replying to this message on ReformNYS or by writing to me directly at ilkitty@roadrunner.com . I know it is on a Tuesday which is a work day for many but we cannot control that. Things are not always as we would like them to be. It is most likely necessary to have it on a weekday as the legislature – senate and assembly will be in session, the governor will be close at hand, and the press will be there to cover the whole thing. If we could get enough people to go from Buffalo and Western New York, we could send a strong statement to Albany that we have had enough. Here is what I would like to see and what I have suggested to the coordinators of this event in a conference call tonight:

If each city or town sending people to the march has one, two, three, or more of its members dressed in revolutionary war uniforms or other such clothing, we would have anywhere from 50 to 150 such people from across the state dressed that way. If we could entice a bagpiper or two or three to come and lend their services, we could have those bagpipers leading the assembled group of revolutionary war people who would be carrying the US flag, the NY State flag, and a host of flags from the revolutionary war era in a march to open the event with the rest of us, “we the people”, following to the place of assembly where the event would take place. There were several people dressed like that at our April 15 tea party here in Buffalo and the Buffalo News printed their photo as you may recall.

Revolutionary War-era garb and historical flags evoke spirit of Boston Tea Party as tea-themed rally at Niagara Square … one of hundreds nationwide … protests state and federal taxes on the day they’re due.
Derek Gee / Buffalo News

Updated: 04/16/09 09:14 AM

If you can imagine such a scene, you will realize that this would have a huge impact on those assembled and on those whom we would like to notice what we are doing, ie, the Albany political crowd. If it is done well, such a scene will likely make the national news and be seen across the country. This would be a major step in getting the general public and the political class to notice us. They would have visions of the second American revolution beginning before their eyes. It would not be possible to pretend any more that they have not noticed us. We have a chance to strike a blow, to make a major statement, to propel this movement forward in a giant leap if we can get enough participation and if all the pieces can be brought together. We need you. Please take a moment to consider why you cannot go and then take another moment to realize that you really can go if you really want to. And then, do it. make the commitment. Help us out. We are being called to arms. I hope you will join with us as we bring our message to the tyrants in Albany and their little friends around the state. Let us tell them loud and clear:

“We don’t like what we see and we are going to do what it takes to remove you. Move over, you are in our way.”

I hope to hear from you soon.

Allen Coniglio
United States Of America

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Planning for July 4th

We’ve held successful tea parties on March 28, April 15, and May 9. Now we’re planning another one for July 4th.

Send an email for information and to offer suggestions.

Your July 4th tea party organizer:
Allen Coniglio — email

Hundreds Attend May 9th Rally in Niagara Square

From WIVB:

Hundreds attend rally downtown
Saturday, 09 May 2009, 7:34 PM EDT
Brian Tabor

Fed up western New Yorkers headed downtown to protest against state government, high taxes and extensive regulations.

Hundreds attended a rally Saturday afternoon in Niagara Square.

“Our state government is off the reservation. They have not a clue anymore on what it’s about, to serve you. That’s been demonstrated very clearly in the past few months,” said Buffalo Developer Carl Paladino.

“We encourage everybody to run for office. The only way that we’re going to be able to change anything is by new people running in office,” said Tax Protester Rus Thompson.

“Our new line is gonna be called the Tea Party line, and I think it fits pretty good with the movement that’s going on right now,” Thompson said.

Thompson says his group also wants to remove State Senator Bill Stachowski and many other politicians from office.

Watch video of the rally here.

Tea Party Scheduled for May 9th

On May 9th we will be holding another Tax Protest/Revolt here in Buffalo — in Niagara Square at 2 PM. I have already warned the Buffalo Police that we plan on shutting down traffic. We must fill Niagara Square with thousands of people. They are starting to hear us as we had the first ever Tea Party on March 28th with close to 1000 people in attendence.

Help us make history once again.

This focuses on the insanity of Albany policies, politics and the ever increasing taxes, fees, dysfunction and downstate influence on all our representatives. Given the increasing call for the splitting of this state, we deserve the chance to vote on this issue this coming November. If we are to survive here in WNY then we need to split from NY City.

Joining us on May 9th will be our friend and vocal opponent of bad and dysfunctional policies Carl Paladino.
We are announcing a business/citizen partnership like no one has ever had before. The business community will be joining all of us to take on politics and politicians this year starting right here in Western New York.

We also have a plan to take on the political system this year here in Erie County and any other county that wants to join in with us. The dysfunction of politics is spreading like a disease and it must come to an end and we have a plan to stop it dead in it’s tracks.

I have a list of demands that we here in New York want them to focus on. These need to be done all across the state but join us at 2PM in Niagara Square. We will be right there in front of the newly created “patronage pit” called the Albany/ Buffalo office run by Joe Mesi and now Susan Grelick. Between the two of them they are making $160,000 a year and this office will cost us over a million.

It is time folks. It is time to join together in force and take this state and county back from these lifelong, dysfunctional politicians and start calling for some resignations.

Thank you and please spread the word.

Rus Thompson