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  1. Please hold the Tea Party early so family outings can be attended in the afternoon.

    My 14 year old attended two parties thus far and is looking forward to the next on July 4 th.

    Thanks for your activism on the part of all of us!

    • buffalonyteaparty

      The July 4 tea party will be at noon in Niagara Square in Buffalo, across from City Hall. If anyone would like more info and to stay up to the minute informed, you might want to join ReformNYS. Write to me at ilkitty@roadrunner.com for more info. Thanks. Allen

      • buffalonyteaparty

        This was just posted on ReformNYS about 10 minutes ago. ReformNYS is open to all and if you or anyone would like to keep up to date about what we are doing, or if you would like info about the sing making, please write to me at ilkitty@roadrunner.com . Here it is although a lot of this, including the pictures, may not show up in this comment:

        Posted on ReformNYS by Allen Coniglio

        We need some signs for the 4th. Here is a way to do it for less than $5 or so. Can anyone get on this to make a few signs for the event? Let me know. Thanks.

        All Tea Party attendees who want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

        NOTE: These are not ‘Political’! These are about the CONSTITUTION, just as un-Constitutional taxes are about the Constitution!

        The fastest way to achieve all our individual goals and team objectives (whether they be ‘Save the Constitution’, ‘Reduce Taxes’, ‘Stop Illegal Immigration’, ‘2nd Amendment rights’, ‘Stop the NAU’, etc.) is to OUST THE IMPOSTER! And the shortest and easiest rallying cry is ‘WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?’. If the signs include a ‘HAMMER’, then much more can be accomplished – for all.

        Here are some simple ways to accomplish this by making your own professional-looking ‘brush-stroke’ signs for promoting your message:

        Write your message in BALlOON XBD BT font (landscape or portrait for best fit) and print out on 8 ½” x 11” plain paper. (If you want some colored lettering, simply change the font characteristics of those letters to OUTLINE and SHADOW. Fill in later with a wide-tip colored marking pen).

        Enlarge to 300% at your nearest Office Supply store (Staples, Office Depot, etc.) for about $3.00 each in Black & White. Cut to 20” x 30” and spray-glue onto blank poster board (~$3.00 ea) or blank cardboard (~ $0.00 ea). Voila! For $6 bucks you’ve got a nice sign, or for $9 bucks a nice 2-sided sign.

        NOTE: For smaller signs, cut the 20” x 15” poster-board in half, and only enlarge the 8 ½” x 11” master to 150%.

  2. Could you (or anyone) tell me how do we join you (Buffalo Tea Party Group) at Marching to DC TeaParty on Sept 12?

    • buffalonyteaparty

      We are working on getting some kind of group travel together for DC and I will post it here as soon as I figure out what we are going to do. You might want to join us at ReformNYS to comment back and forth on the issues of the day and to get the latest news. That is the best way to keep informed. You may join by contacting me at ilkitty@roadrunner.com . Thanks. Allen

  3. Samantha Metzger

    At first, I was trying to email my state officials every time a new issue came up. However, with the whirlwind of stuff that Barack is trying to push through, it was a hopeless for me to keep up with it. So now I have already emailed all the senators of the US. I am still in the process of first emailing the House members who voted for Cap and Tax. Then of course, I’ll get to the rest of them. The email that I am sending is as follows:

    After a mere few months in office, Barack Obama will already be known as one of the worst presidents in American history. The masses are alarmed and deeply concerned about his aggressive and swift-paced tactics that he is implementing in order to hurriedly push his policies through the House and Senate. As a result, we are definitely more aware of the voting practices of our elected officials. Therefore, the more you allow the passage of his agenda, the more you will be associated with his frightening administration. So please don’t cut deals in favor of this president. Instead, I earnestly urge you to do what is best for the PEOPLE of this country – not what is best for your political ambitions within this administration. After all, this should be a government by the PEOPLE, of the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE. Sadly, it is currently a government by the government, of the government, and for the government. We must all work together so that it can be changed for the better. If not, I, as well as millions of other citizens, will deeply weep for our great nation.

    The list of folks that voted for Cap and Tax can be found at the following link:

    The list of all the senators of the US can be found at the following link:

    Because you may not live in their district or state, just use the zip code and state of one of the office locations listed on their website. If you need the 4-digit extension zip code, just copy and paste that information to the US Postal service site they link you to. I figure that if their votes can actually affect me in a different state or district, I have every right to have my voice heard by ALL of them.

  4. Where do I go to find out about Tea Parties or events of that nature in WNY. I attended on April 15th and would like to attend more.

  5. I have heard about a march on Washington on 9/12. Is this so? I want to know more about it. Are there any bus loads of people going? I would like to hop on. — Thank You

    • buffalonyteaparty

      Andrew – The best way to stay informed about things like the March on DC which is scheduled for Thursday, 9/10 through Saturday, 9/12 in DC, is to sign up for membership in ReformNYS, the internet newsgroup for WNY tea parties, and all events related to local, state, and national political reform. In fact, we had a town hall meeting last night (9/2) in East Aurora which was posted on and promoted by ReformNYS for several weeks prior to the event. There are people promoting rides on ReformNYS but, as we are approaching the dates for the march, they are becoming more scarce. Again, the best and only way I know of to find people talking about rides to DC is through ReformNYS. To join, you may write to me at ilkitty@roadrunner.com and request that I add you to the list. Thanks. Allen Coniglio

    • buffalonyteaparty

      Hi – If you would like to join us, just write to me at ilkitty@roadrunner.com and request info on ReformNYS. That is our information and discussion conduit. Hope to see you on Saturday, 2/27/10, noon to 3PM at the Lafayette Tap Room for our anniversary tea party.


  6. Seems to me that the areas like Alden [ hello Leonard Roberto ] , East Aurora, Wyoming and Orleans counties would be fertile grounds for a tea party group. Looks like there isn’t any.

  7. Paul Iannuzzelli

    looking for info on more tea parties. will there be one for this year (2010)?

    • buffalonyteaparty

      We had one today. The Tea Party Express was in Buffalo and we had 1500 people there. A great show. We will have another one on July 4 and more throughout the year. Contact ilkitty@roadrunner.com to sign up for ReformNYS for all news and info on tea parties.


    • buffalonyteaparty

      I appreciate your comments but you may or may not be interested in knowing that you are just repeating the same nonsense that comes from the mainstream press. We are not all white, we are not racist, we are not ignoramuses, we are not what you are trying to portray us as being. We are Americans who love our country and we see no need to trash it or defame it as some do. If you are interested, you are welcome to join us on ReformNYS to learn about us and the tea party. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, or whatever. Please, no more lies, OK? On ReformNYS you will get all tea party news and you will be able to say whatever you want to around 500 members and their friends and families. Just write to me at ilkitty@roadrunner.com and I will add you to the group. Anyone else who is interested may also join. Thanks. Allen

  9. Bufallo/Western New York Tea Party,

    The Brooklyn Tea Party would love it if your chapter would co-sponsor the Brooklyn Tea Party’s rally against the Ground Zero mosque in Manhattan. All we would need would be your approval to put your group’s name on our flyers. And, by the way, we are only one of many groups working collaboratively on this rally.

    My asking you is a part of an effort by the Brooklyn Tea Party to get other Tea Parties to take on what we call “culturist” issues- namely supporting the Arizona immigration laws and fighting the Ground Zero mosque. Of course this is in addition to our fiscal responsibility focus.

    The linked video explains our views. You can see it here:

    Please contact me if you’d be willing to co-sponsor our rally. The tentative draft flyer your name would be added to is attached.

    John Press, Ph.D.

    President – Brooklyn Tea Party

    • buffalonyteaparty

      You may consider me to be a co-sponsor for your rally at Ground Zero. You may list us as Buffalo Tea Party. I am also going to forward your request to our Google group, NY Minutemen, which is a group we are forming which will include all NY State tea party coordinators who can be reached in a minute by writing to the group, NY Minutemen@googlegroups.com . It is for things like this that we need NY Minutemen. You are welcome to join us if you wish. I am going to be at the Rally In the Glen in Watkins Glen on October 2, starting at noon. I will be attempting to further organize state coordinators at that time. Please spread the word about my efforts. Together, we can defeat the machine. Separately, we are not likely to accomplish much.

      For more information on the Rally In the Glen, please write to me at ilkitty@roadrunner.com or if you are a member of NY Minutemen, respond to NYMinutemen@googlegroups.com .


      Allen Coniglio
      Buffalo Tea Party

  10. Understand that we can vote for 5 NY state candidates tomorrow. WHAT are the backgrounds if known on candidates….??? With legislation from the bench by activist judges taking away the vote….how do the new york candidates lean??? Thankyou for any help-post it here if know. Thank you tea partyers.
    ps As a nurse who has had my” right to refuse to participate in actions that I are wrong removed by the Obama administration so quietly that many may not even be aware of this new “big government” thrust, I wish the tea party would consider backing the removal of this brought threat to our health government is producing. I already avoid states with euthanasia for practice, and facilities that have abortion – for my personal practice. What will happen to all our wonderful! WNY Catholic health care if they start removing government reimbursement (e.g. for medicaid/meidcare/ or the probable coming government one source payer insurance after the current health care bill bankrupts all private insurers…!!!) to facilities that “refuse” whatever the activist judges or other big government “dictates”… ??? ( I would go to jail before I let anyone force me to participate in an euthanasia or abortion but what will Mercy HospitaL DO- SOME PLACES JUST CLOSE )
    I believe that I AM A TEA PARTY PATRIOT!!!!!!! I know we are mostly into fiscal matters-VERY IMPORTANT, but I wish healthcare workers-nurses, doctors, pharmiscist liberty protected as the” RIGHT to REFUSE ” be reinstated. One of the first things the Obama administration removed was my right to NOT participate in things my conscious considers wrong. Libertarians may on the surface applaud this, but if one is unconscious-the doctor can make the decision for you to be euthanized in Holland…. and the handicapped, and other “social undesirables”, pre and post borns… were “euthanized”, and experimented on by the left and rigtht totalitarian states of the last century, and even our own “progressives” in the muskegon incident, and for malaria cure. Please consider vocally starting to support YOUR healthcare workers -right to ” CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION”-AND TO SUPPORT CANDIDATES WHO WILL SUPPORT THIS RIGHT. ANY thoughts on this, or willingness to support appreciated. Thanks again for any guidance on the NY supreme court judges!

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