March on DC (9/10-9/12)

For information on the March on DC (9/10-9/12), write to to join ReformNYS, our political information, opinion, and reform news source. Allen Coniglio


4 responses to “March on DC (9/10-9/12)

  1. Become educated on the complete progressive movement. No conservative movement will be in the right direction without this information. It is the information the far left doesn’t want known. (

  2. I am very interested in knowing about any current events for the Tea Party. I am greatly dismayed by the state of this country. Can you please email me on how to join.

    Also, with Obama coming here next week is there any event planned. Thank you

    • buffalonyteaparty

      Hi – The best way to stay in touch with us is to join ReformNYS, an internet news and discussion group. All tea party information comes from that group. To join, write to me at . Yes, we are
      planning to greet obama. Thanks.

      Allen Coniglio
      Buffalo tea party coordinator

    • buffalonyteaparty

      Hi – I just found your comment on Buffalo Tea Party. That is a site we seldom use. We usually use ReformNYS which is a daily e-mail site with about 440 tea party members. If you are interested in staying up to date, please e-mail at to join. We will be having a tea party in Buffalo on July 4. Watch ReformNYS for details. Thanks.

      Allen Coniglio
      Buffalo Tea Party coordinator

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