Health care protest July 17

Dear US Citizen – The letter below was posted to ReformNYS today. ReformNYS is our internet discussion group whereon those who are interested in the tea party and general political reform movement can post messages and discuss the issues of the day with any and all group members. ReformNYS is also used as an informational conduit to keep members informed as to the latest news and events. We maintain contact with the other reform groups in Buffalo and Western New York including Free New York, Primary Challenge, and Tea New York ReformNYS is the Buffalo sponsor for the National Tea party movement and I, Allen Coniglio, am the tea party coordinator for the Buffalo area.

This Friday, July 17, 2009, we the people of Buffalo and Western New York, are working in conjunction with the National Tea Party movement to protest the proposed takeover of the national health care system by the Obama administration. We are calling on everyone to join us no later than 11:45AM at 726 Exchange St. (near Larkin St.) in Buffalo. Precisely at noon, we will enter the offices of US senator Kirsten Gillibrand and US Representative Brian Higgins to present them with our signed letters and petitions protesting the takeover plan. From there, we will proceed to the offices of Senator Chuck Schumer and US Representative Louise Slaughter to do the same thing.

It is essential that we the people stop the continuing and increasingly ominous threats of federal usurpation of our rights as American citizens to operate freely and without obstruction, both economically and politically. The American people would never choose to live under socialism or communism if they truly understood what was happening, but unfortunately, many Americans are yet unaware of the threat that the actions of the Obama administration and his allies present to the preservation of our Constitutional system of law and governance. We urge you to join us as we make our voices heard in opposition to the bold and continuing encroachments of an out of control government.

If you are unable to join us on the 17th, please send or e-mail the letter below (or your own letter) to the office of your senators and representatives. You may also call or fax them concerning this and other issues. You may find all contact information at this address: . Please make sure to add your representative’s name to the letter and also to sign it.

For further information about this and/or other events or to find out more about ReformNYS, please feel free to contact me at .

Thank you very much for your concern and continuing patriotism.


Allen Coniglio

—– Original Message —–
From: allen coniglio
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 6:32 PM
Subject: ReformNYS: Final health care plan letter

I believe this letter should prove adequate for anyone needing one for your representative or senator. Highlight the letter, right click on the highlighted area, click on “copy” on the menu that appears, and paste it into your computer’s word processor. Save it to your computer if you wish and/or print it or send it by e-mail.




I am a taxpaying citizen of the United States and I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed government run health insurance plan. The President and the leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives are trying to rush the so called “health reform” plan through for signing without allowing time for reasonable debate and discussion. Indeed, I dare say there is not one congressperson or senator who has read the entire health reform bill or who knows or understands all the ramifications and incursions of that bill.

These are the reasons I am asking you to vote NO on Universal Healthcare:

The health reform plan as proposed will require massive amounts of money that the US treasury simply does not have.

This plan will eventually drive all currently operating health insurance companies out of business. Our current free choice health care system will be unable to compete with the federal government. There will be no choice left but the national, socialized health care system.

A government run health care system will be inherently inefficient and will limit the choices of the consumer as health decisions are taken from the people and put in the hands of government bureaucrats.

It is a fact that no country has ever successfully created a national health care system which is the equal of a free market medical system. One need look no further than the large number of Canadians who are forced to cross the border to seek treatment in hospitals in Buffalo, Detroit, and other American cities after suffering denial or delay of services for life threatening illnesses in their own country.

We would remind you of your obligation as the representative of the people to study this and all other issues before voting to implement any proposal into law. Clearly, such movement toward a bigger and more intrusive government will only result in less freedom for the people.

Further, I am certain that you know, as do I, that this is not the time and place for more government spending. I am asking you now to do your duty and stop this truly destructive plan before it is too late.


Your name


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  1. I wish to get involved.

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