The July 4 tea party will be held in Niagara Square in Buffalo, across from Buffalo City Hall, starting at noon and running until we are done. We are estimating that we will run for about one to one and one-half hours. That is to say, from noon to 1:30PM. We have some great speakers scheduled, some good music, and hopefully, a lot of interesting and useful information for you the people to use to help take back America from the out of control and ever growing, increasingly intrusive government. Watch this space for the speaker schedule, or write to me at for more info. You might also want to consider joining our e-mail group ReformNYS for up to the moment news and information on local, state, national, and world political news as well as information on the tea party movement and how you can participate. Write to me for details. Thanks.



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  1. I’ll be there and bring as many as I can.
    It is time for the people to take back this state and union! I am so tired of the BS that is being dished out by the current gov’t!!!!!

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