March on Albany June 16

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From: allen coniglio
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 9:23 PM
Subject: ReformNYS: March on Albany

We are hoping to put together a contingent to attend the March on Albany on June 16, from noon to 3PM. We are hoping to charter a bus and if we do so, we will need as many people as possible to sign up as soon as possible as time is now very short. If anyone is interested, please let me know right away by replying to this message on ReformNYS or by writing to me directly at . I know it is on a Tuesday which is a work day for many but we cannot control that. Things are not always as we would like them to be. It is most likely necessary to have it on a weekday as the legislature – senate and assembly will be in session, the governor will be close at hand, and the press will be there to cover the whole thing. If we could get enough people to go from Buffalo and Western New York, we could send a strong statement to Albany that we have had enough. Here is what I would like to see and what I have suggested to the coordinators of this event in a conference call tonight:

If each city or town sending people to the march has one, two, three, or more of its members dressed in revolutionary war uniforms or other such clothing, we would have anywhere from 50 to 150 such people from across the state dressed that way. If we could entice a bagpiper or two or three to come and lend their services, we could have those bagpipers leading the assembled group of revolutionary war people who would be carrying the US flag, the NY State flag, and a host of flags from the revolutionary war era in a march to open the event with the rest of us, “we the people”, following to the place of assembly where the event would take place. There were several people dressed like that at our April 15 tea party here in Buffalo and the Buffalo News printed their photo as you may recall.

Revolutionary War-era garb and historical flags evoke spirit of Boston Tea Party as tea-themed rally at Niagara Square … one of hundreds nationwide … protests state and federal taxes on the day they’re due.
Derek Gee / Buffalo News

Updated: 04/16/09 09:14 AM

If you can imagine such a scene, you will realize that this would have a huge impact on those assembled and on those whom we would like to notice what we are doing, ie, the Albany political crowd. If it is done well, such a scene will likely make the national news and be seen across the country. This would be a major step in getting the general public and the political class to notice us. They would have visions of the second American revolution beginning before their eyes. It would not be possible to pretend any more that they have not noticed us. We have a chance to strike a blow, to make a major statement, to propel this movement forward in a giant leap if we can get enough participation and if all the pieces can be brought together. We need you. Please take a moment to consider why you cannot go and then take another moment to realize that you really can go if you really want to. And then, do it. make the commitment. Help us out. We are being called to arms. I hope you will join with us as we bring our message to the tyrants in Albany and their little friends around the state. Let us tell them loud and clear:

“We don’t like what we see and we are going to do what it takes to remove you. Move over, you are in our way.”

I hope to hear from you soon.

Allen Coniglio
United States Of America

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