Tea Party Scheduled for May 9th

On May 9th we will be holding another Tax Protest/Revolt here in Buffalo — in Niagara Square at 2 PM. I have already warned the Buffalo Police that we plan on shutting down traffic. We must fill Niagara Square with thousands of people. They are starting to hear us as we had the first ever Tea Party on March 28th with close to 1000 people in attendence.

Help us make history once again.

This focuses on the insanity of Albany policies, politics and the ever increasing taxes, fees, dysfunction and downstate influence on all our representatives. Given the increasing call for the splitting of this state, we deserve the chance to vote on this issue this coming November. If we are to survive here in WNY then we need to split from NY City.

Joining us on May 9th will be our friend and vocal opponent of bad and dysfunctional policies Carl Paladino.
We are announcing a business/citizen partnership like no one has ever had before. The business community will be joining all of us to take on politics and politicians this year starting right here in Western New York.

We also have a plan to take on the political system this year here in Erie County and any other county that wants to join in with us. The dysfunction of politics is spreading like a disease and it must come to an end and we have a plan to stop it dead in it’s tracks.

I have a list of demands that we here in New York want them to focus on. These need to be done all across the state but join us at 2PM in Niagara Square. We will be right there in front of the newly created “patronage pit” called the Albany/ Buffalo office run by Joe Mesi and now Susan Grelick. Between the two of them they are making $160,000 a year and this office will cost us over a million.

It is time folks. It is time to join together in force and take this state and county back from these lifelong, dysfunctional politicians and start calling for some resignations.

Thank you and please spread the word.

Rus Thompson

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