April 15 Tea Party in Niagara Square

About 400 people came to the Tea Party.


From WIVB:

Tea parties across country
Hundreds came to Niagara Square

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Taxpayers are evoking the symbolism of the American Revolution this April 15th by staging Tea Parties across the country.

They came by the hundreds filling up Niagara Square on this Tax deadline to say they’re fed with all the taxes their paying.

Local organizer Laurie Kostrzewski said, “To pay for their State budgets,” The crowd cheered, “Yes!”

“To pay for their local budgets” The response,” Yes!”

“I came here today because I’m sick and tired of our government taking our money and my children’s money and my grandchildren who aren’t even born, taking their money and doing what they want,” said Alicia Howell, an East Aurora resident.

“Why is the only answer they ever have to spend more and more of your money. They spend it , they mess it up, and then they ask you for more. That’s not the answer we need to do better than that,” said Marilla resident Seth Krull.

“They’re serving themselves and they are not serving the people.They ask us to do without while they continue to do with more and more and more,” said Greg Collins, a Cheektowaga resident.

Kostrzewski said, “If it continues we will become Socialistic. They will bankrupt us. We will become just like any other country, and that is not in our best interest.”

There is still a Tea Party discussion planned for this Saturday at Club W on Delaware, but Laurie Kostrzewski couldn’t resist the chance to get the message out on tax deadline day.

“We are being taxed to death,” Kostrzewski said….

Watch the news video from the Niagara Square Tea Party here.

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